C++ Programming Wt. (D86) Description

This two semester course provides the beginning C++/Objective-C/Swift programmer with fundamental coverage of C++/Objective-C/Swift programming topics. The course assumes some programming experience. It covers programming concepts, such as structure, decision making, looping, arrays, and methods, and enforces good style and logical thinking. Objects and object-oriented programming concepts are also introduced.

The course begins with students learning C/C++ on the CodeBlocks IDE on the Windows Platform and then XCode IDE on the OSX platform. Students will start by writing simple console programs while gaining an understanding of the C/C++ programming language. The course then proceeds to where students will learn Objective-C or Swift. Students will then go on to learn to write programs for the Mac and iPhone/iPad. Finally, the course will conclude by having students learning Game Programming for the iPhone using Sprite Kit.

At the end of each semester students will complete a programming project (App) based on topics covered thus far in the class or researched. The completed Apps could be judged in a programming competition. These completed Apps may also be submitted to the Apple's App store as a free or paid App. Here is an example:

Specific topic coverage includes:

  • An Overview of Computers and Programming Languages
  • Basic Elements of C/C++
  • Input/Output
  • Control Structures I (Selection)
  • Control Structures II (Repetition)
  • User-Defined Functions I
  • User-Defined Functions II
  • Arrays and Strings
  • Pointers
Objective-C/Swift Programming
  • Pointers, Classes, Interfaces
  • Exception Handling
  • Recursion
  • Console Programming
  • Cocoa/Cocoa Touch Programming
  • Sprite Kit
  • Core Data
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